The White House Club
The White House Club

A clothes free life

 Naturism is growing in popularity with Wild Swims, Naked Bike Rides and a growing range of naturist holidays. many members regret not finding us sooner and value the way they find friends,social activities, fitness and relaxation in a beautiful environment.

 When the weather is hot it’s the sensible option – and great fun! It’s good for you too – the human body was not designed to be completely wrapped up in clothes and subjected to artificial heat and light sources and air conditioning 24/7.


“But I couldn’t do that!” - Yes, you can...and you'll quickly get used to being clothes-free. First-timers describe how they forgot they were nude after the few minutes and stopped noticing that everyone else was too. In naturist environments people do what they do anywhere else, only without clothes. It’s very family-friendly too!

To find out more about the UK's naturist community, visit the British Naturism website. Our club is affiliated to BN.

The White House Club is a member of the London and South East Region of BN that represents the region's naturist interests.